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Wood restoration NYC

We resurface stain and laminate wood to restore its finish and make it look new again

For buildings in New York City, there’s nothing more inviting than a well-maintained natural wood environment. Lobbies, hallways, elevator interiors, conference rooms—wood is one of the most popular interior surfaces used today. It can be shaped, carved, and finished in a variety of ways. Yet these characteristics also make wood a fragile and vulnerable architectural material.

Wood Restoration & Wood Refinishing in New York City.

Exterior wood suffers from the direct effects of weather–be it rain, snow, environmental pollution, excessive humidity, or ultraviolet damage from the sun.

Interior wood suffers stress of a different kind, primarily wear and tear from people (nicks and scratches), simple neglect, and environmental concerns, like drying out and cracking from heating and air conditioning systems.

Wood repair NYC

Resurfaced and cleaned boardroom conference table

SanMar begins its woodwork restoration process with a complete inspection and condition assessment. Assessing the type and degree of damage to wood is an integral part of determining the best courses of action to treat the material. Wood surfaces receive special care depending on age and service location. For example, antique woods demand different treatment than modern woods; heavy traffic areas, such as those found in elevators and on staircases, demand more aggressive preventative treatments than wood finishes located in an isolated hallway or on a lobby wall.

We repair areas by replacing damaged and missing veneer with the same wood species. Minor scratches and nicks are hot-knife filled and grained to blend with the surrounding area. We use time-proven techniques to clean and treat the wood finish, and to protect against future wear and tear. At project completion, SanMar’s technicians carefully inspect the job as a final quality check.

SanMar’s advantages:

  • Cost-effective preventative maintenance programs that are custom-designed by the most experienced, knowledgeable representatives in the industry
  • Sensitivity to fragile and irreplaceable architectural appointments
  • Proper selection of protective coatings
  • Creative and appropriate selection of refinishing methods, specifications, and techniques
  • Widest array of specialty refinishing products being used in the industry
  • Innovative new product applications to meet expanding presence of exotic substrates and finishes
  • Field technician quality, efficiency, and safety standardization

Put our experience to work

Whether your building has turn-of-the-century or contemporary wood surfaces, you can count on SanMar’s vast experience to restore and maintain your wood, preventing costly replacement. By combining time-tested methods of the past with contemporary learning and materials, SanMar’s experienced wood maintenance professionals have developed proprietary methods for wood restoration and maintenance that make SanMar a leader in the field.
SanMar’s expert professionals provide the following wood services:

  • Refinishing & Restoration
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Graffiti & Vandalism
  • House of Worship Restoration
  • Historic Preservation

Why SanMar?

  • SanMar is the one place you need to go for for the restoration and maintenance of wood.
  • We specialize in offering significant cost benefits to all industries, houses of worship, and thousands of customers located throughout New York City.
  • Standard performance and documentation, SanMar tests various wood finishes to ensure consistency.
  • Consolidated contracts to companies with single and multiple locations.
  • Single point of contact, and the highest quality assurance, guaranteed.
  • The highest standards of integrity, safety, quality, and service!