Need Outstanding 24/7 NYC Commercial Cleaning Services NYC?

Commercial cleaning in NYC at any time of the day or night

SanMar’s Professional Cleaners
are Efficient and Unobtrusive

SanMar Building Services is a one-of-a-kind commercial cleaning contractor in New York City with flexible scheduling. We provide a superior medical, dentist, and corporate NYC office cleaning service 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our skilled cleaning crews are available at any time of the day or night to keep your premises spotless. Impressing your customers and employees with well-cleaned facilities is essential, and dealing with a cleaning service like SanMar is sure to be a refreshing experience. Our team takes pride in assuring your 100-percent satisfaction, no matter what your needs or expectations. If you’re in the market for a new NYC commercial cleaning contractor, we hope you’ll let us show you the noticeable difference we can make right away. Our trained and experienced staff will work around your schedule and clean your facilities at whatever time of the day or night you may need us. The cliche about New York being a city that never sleeps is more accurate than ever, and it’s why SanMar offers utterly flexible scheduling. When it comes to hiring us for building maintenance services, you’ll find nearly every type of business already on our client list —  corporate NYC offices, restaurants, fashion showrooms, retail stores, medical facilities, fitness centers, and yoga studios to name a few. We also specialize in cleaning high-traffic spaces such as co-working stations that are used and shared by many people every day. Foodservice establishments love SanMar for our thorough kitchen cleaning that is available at any hour, and medical facilities and hospitals count on us to follow strict sanitary protocols that assure proper disinfection and sanitizing. We perform vigorous periodic inspections to ensure quality service from our term members, and we are licensed, bonded, and insured. Read more about Tips for Hiring Commercial Janitorial Cleaners.

SanMar’s Flexible Cleaning Schedules Can be Adjusted Easily

24/7 commercial cleaning services in NYC being provided. Cleaning service expert is maintaining commercial building floors.

Our Crews Have Flexible Schedules
to Fit Your Needs

Among New York’s best cleaning contractors, we are mainly well known for offering around-the-clock service — whenever you need us, we can be there. Also, if your business has irregular hours, we make it easy to stay in touch with us about changes in your work schedule. As part of a serious commitment to outstanding customer service, real people answer our phones, and our management replies very quickly, often immediately, to client questions and requests. We realize you might not know when you need us until the last minute or be able to remember long in advance with you want to schedule your daily cleaning service. When you find yourself in a situation such as this, we are only a phone call away and always pleased to help in any way we can. Working late hours is a daily fact of life in many Manhattan corporate, legal, and financial service institutions. To help accommodate your needs, we can clean in the early morning hours or work unobtrusively once nearly everyone has gone home. If your team works later hours only on certain days, we can adjust to be present at different times so that we don’t disturb your staff in any way. Because we work more efficiently than many, our presence is more discreet and less obtrusive. At the same time, our commercial cleaning services are second to none in terms of their effectiveness and attention to detail. If your boss is a stickler for details, we will take pride in creating spotless results that will win you compliments and praise.

No Matter What the Hour of Day or Night, Our Cleaning Service is Thorough

Commercial kitchen cleaning in NYC with flexible scheduling

Whenever Your Kitchen Closes
SanMar is Ready to Clean

Restaurant kitchens are a great example of spaces in need of New York’s most effective commercial cleaning service, and it’s needed as soon as they close. No matter what your kitchen hours are, our expert cleaners are standing by and ready to go to work. We arrive every day or night with a game plan so that we clean most efficiently and thoroughly. SanMar’s management is often on-site at your premises inspecting to make sure the results are exactly as promised. We are attentive to individual needs and always take extra steps to be accommodating. No other cleaning service goes as far as we do to make sure you are delighted. Our crews are well trained and well equipped. It means arriving ready to go and outfitted with the latest implements, equipment, and chemicals that are safe and effective. SanMar is known for quality service, and we never cut corners. We stay ahead of the curve with best practices for disinfecting, scrubbing, polishing, dusting, and floor care. Daily service combined with a periodic deep cleaning is the formula to keep your premises looking their best at all times. Making good impressions on clients alike is essential — and we never let you down.

World-Class Commercial Cleaning Whenever You Need It Day or Night

Every corporate business has unique needs for janitorial service. We provide customized proposals that consider every detail and work can be scheduled at a time that is both convenient and suits your needs. SanMar’s extensive list of services includes all of the ones below and many more.

With accommodating scheduling, we work at all times and are among the top-rated cleaning contractors in Manhattan. A dedicated team and a thorough approach to our work will lead to outstanding results for your business. You’ll see client reviews and employee productivity improve when your facilities are cleaner. Also, if your business is subject to health and other inspections by New York City, you need a contractor who will clean according to the highest standards to help you warn a Grade A sanitary report from NYC. SanMar provides the most effective commercial cleaning for any building or facility. Contact us today for a free, no-obligation quote; (917)-924-5590