image of a NYC shared working space. Cleaning service providers often offer services to help keep these work areas clean in New York City.

NYC’s Best Office Cleaning | Any Size or Type of Office

Top-Rated Commercial Cleaning in New York City

At SanMar, we’re known for the best office cleaning NYC has to offer, but it’s only one of the many New York City commercial cleaning services we provide. We clean NYC offices of all sizes.Our experienced and trained technicians are equipped for any job, large or small. We clean offices and commercial spaces of all types and sizes with daily and weekly service.

For those with specialized needs, our disinfecting and sanitizing protocols are second to none. We can expertly care for luxury and historic interiors and are renowned for the high quality of our work. If your current contractor or in-house staff is falling short, see the difference we can make. Our office cleaning prices are surprisingly low given the caliber of the service we provide.

Our NYC Cleaning Services Include …

Medical and Dental Offices
Restaurants and Commercial Kitchens
Retail Stores and Showrooms
Event Spaces
Fitness Centers and Yoga Studios


What Makes SanMar New York City’s Best Commercial Cleaner?

We’re number one in many categories because our restaurant cleaning and retail cleaning are extra thorough and consider the unique needs of each space. Our team arrives with a game plan and carefully developed checklists to make sure everything gets done. Commercial cleaning in NYC includes floor care.100-percent customer satisfaction is our goal, and it’s why our clients have stayed with us for many years. If you have an in-house staff are looking into outsourcing, let us show you how economical a top-quality NYC janitorial service like us can be. The products and equipment we use are ahead of the curve and help us produce superior results. If your boss or customers are hard to please, we can help you exceed their expectations.

SanMar is also one of New York City and Manhattan’s leading eco-cleaning companies. The products we use are EPA-registered, safe, and highly effective. If your company has environmental goals, we’ll help you meet them while keeping your office sparkling clean. We choose reusable items over disposable ones where possible and do what it takes to lighten the impact of our work on the environment. The newer products we use for sanitizing and disinfecting also produce fewer harsh odors. When we’re finished, your commercial space will smell fresh and look clean. It gives employees a morale-boosting peace of mind and makes an excellent impression on your customers or clients.

We Sanitize and Disinfect as We Clean Your Space

We’ve always provided sanitizing and disinfecting as part of our NYC medical cleaning service for doctor’s and dentist’s offices along with clinics, community health facilities, and surgery and testing centers. Office cleaning in NYC is underway.Our team members are experts in the proper use of medical disinfecting products, and we also sanitize every restroom we clean. Since the coronavirus pandemic, we’re added disinfecting protocols for many other commercial spaces based on their usage patterns and needs. It helps businesses comply with sanitary codes and city regulations. We can fit many of these added services into your existing budget thank to our budget-friendly pricing. It’s why we’re one of the city’s leading janitorial services.

Yoga studio and fitness center cleaning also has specialized needs because of so many shared touchpoints. Our crews wipe each one down by hand daily with the right antimicrobial products. It gives members a higher level of confidence about the cleanliness of your facility. Given the level of competition that exists today, you need every advantage to attract and retain members. People also need a comfort level that a fitness center is well maintained and cleaned often.

We’re New York City’s 24/7 Commercial Cleaning Service

Our schedules are flexible, and we’re pleased to work after hours when your facilities are not in use. It allows us to do the best job possible with minimum disruption. It’s essential for school cleaning and event spaces that receive heavy traffic during the day. We’re also available to provide commercial deep cleaning services of all types. If you need some extra muscle and detail work to augment what your in-house staff can handle, call SanMar for a free commercial cleaning estimate. No job is too large or small, and we’re experienced with every need and every office or business type. If you’re responsible for the cleaning service at your NYC office, you’ll be impressed with how our pricing and quality exceed those of other contractors. Call or email us for a quote today.

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A. 1. Initial CDC reports indicated the coronavirus had been detected in the air for as long as three hours after it is aerosolized. It has lived for up to 17 days on some surfaces. Because COVID-19 is new, and not all research is complete, not every surface has been tested, and studies continue about how much virus material it takes to cause an infection. Currently, there is not a definitive statement about how long to quarantine for it to be reduced to an acceptable risk level. Therefore, SanMar and many others recommend thorough cleaning and disinfection of any contaminated surfaces and areas. Read more

Coronavirus cleaning in NYC. Medical grade cleaning NYC for Corona virus COVID-19

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The cost of office cleaning in Manhattan varies by company. Office cleaning NYC. SanMar cleans all kins of offices in Manhattan.The best office cleaning NYC has to offer is from SanMar's janitorial service from the best cleaning company in Manhattan.

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