The Best Fitness Center Cleaning NYC Has to Offer

You can see how well SanMar cleans New York City's gyms and fitness centers

SanMar’s cleaning experts specialize in keeping New York City’s gyms and fitness centers clean.

SanMar Building Services is a leading fitness center cleaning contractor in New York City. The gym cleaning service we provide is second to none, and our team knows the needs of these ultra-high traffic facilities. Germs are everywhere on handles, grips and adjustment levels on exercise equipment, free weights, and busy locker rooms — we clean health and fitness centers with specialized know-how and careful techniques to eradicate germs and bacteria daily. Our team is outfitted with the most up-to-date implements and eco-friendly cleaning chemicals that are safe and highly effective.

If you manage a health club, cleaning is an essential concern because the competition is fierce and facility cleanliness is a significant part of member satisfaction. Your space needs to appear spotless as clients walk in the door — and it needs to smell clean as well. Nothing turns people off more than unpleasant odors or unclean surroundings. People who go to the gym routinely want to better themselves and while in that mindset they want to be in an uplifting and pleasant space. SanMar is committed to high-quality service, unlike any other, and you’ll notice the better results immediately.

Gym Equipment will be Cleaner and More Sanitary than Ever Before

Fitness equipment is cleaner when SanMar is your contractor. High traffic areas like floors and handrails have been maintained by the best gym cleaning service in nyc.

Your fitness equipment and weights will be cleaned and wiped down daily

The best fitness center cleaning overlooks no detail. For example, while many patrons may use disinfectant wipes and sprays on treadmills and cardio machines, other high-touch items such as weight machines, barbells, and dumbbells, can be overlooked. SanMar’s professional cleaners monitor all of the equipment at your facility and keep it wiped down and better maintained. Our scheduling is flexible, and we can work at hours when your facility is closed. Or we can be present when clients are there so that they see cleaning crews on-site and equipment can be cleaned between uses.

We also work closely with you to make sure we’re meeting your needs from day one. For example, SanMar’s gym cleaning experts will join you for a walk-through to identify hot spots and customize a cleaning schedule based on your needs and budget. We will ask the right questions to understand what is most important to you so that our service consistently meets your expectations. Away from the exercise floor, we will take care to clean NYC office and reception counters and desk areas for the comfort and health of your staff. Check-in computer equipment is an excellent example of an item that can harbor more bacteria than a toilet seat and needs to be cleaned daily. Likewise, telephones, door handles, and drinking fountains are germ magnets requiring constant attention.

Cleaning Locker Rooms with Sanitizing Chemicals is Essential

Locker room cleaning with eco-friendly chemicals is safe and effective.

Our Locker Room sanitizing protocols include more environmentally friendly products

A pillar of best practices for health and fitness center cleaning services is sanitizing locker rooms. It requires safe and effective chemicals to eradicate bacteria and fungus on floors and a multitude of surfaces. Above all, locker-room cleaning is a matter of health, but it also plays a significant role in keeping your gym fresher smelling, and more pleasant for clients. Warm, moist environments like saunas, steam rooms, and shower stalls are ideal places for bacteria and fungus to multiply, and only professional cleaners following state-of-the-art protocols daily can keep them in check.

To the greatest extent possible, and without sacrificing results, SanMar uses the latest eco-friendly cleaning compounds and chemicals. Recent advances have brought to market excellent new alternatives to traditional ingredients, and the new products are safer yet equally effective. Implements also play a role in producing superior results, and flat mops are a great example of a better and more modern approach. Flat mopping hard floors will clean them better and apply sanitizing chemicals more evenly than can be done with traditional string mops. You can count on SanMar to bring these best practices for cleaning offices in NYC and facilities as part of our routine work.

How We Clean Gyms and Fitness Facilities

NYC gym equipment cleaning being performed by an employee that is experienced in sanitizing fitness centers in Manhattan.

Treadmills, ellipticals and other high-use equipment are detail cleaned continuously

Since germs and many other organisms can be spread by touching contaminated surfaces, SanMar cleaners disinfect all critical control point surfaces. While you may ask clients to wipe down equipment after use, our professional gym cleaners take added steps. They will inspect each piece of equipment daily and make sure that it is thoroughly clean. Our sanitizing protocols are carefully planned and address potential needs before you would even notice them. Manhattan health clubs are among the city’s busiest, and more people mean more germs and dirt. Keeping things clean and sanitary is an ongoing process that requires daily attention. When your clients are getting in good workouts, they are using the machines hard and working up a sweat.  We make sure the equipment is pleasant and clean for the next user.

All around your facility, it’s essential to disinfect high-touch surfaces such as handrails, doors, counters, tables, water fountains and other highly used surfaces that have an increased risk for harboring bacteria and transmitting infection. We proudly provide health-based fitness center cleaning that removes bacteria, allergens, and dust; helps reduce cross-contamination of surfaces; and, uses the most efficient implements. Let SanMar clean your gym and health club facilities, and you’ll notice an improvement right away.