NYC’s Finest Eco-Friendly Commercial Cleaning Service

At SanMar Building Services LLC, we care about the environment, and we care about cleaning your office up to the highest standards. Our eco-friendly cleaning service in New York City and the surrounding metro area is second to none. We offer the same environmentally friendly cleaning for restaurants, fitness centers, retail stores, and many more. If you’re ready to go green with your janitorial service, let us help you meet that goal with no sacrifices in quality or cleanliness. Our cleaners will show you how we use the newest chemicals and compounds that are easier on the environment. We also favor reusable and recyclable cloths, mops, and implements to reduce waste and trash. It’s the right thing to do for both you and us — we’re at the leading edge of go-green janitorial services in the city.

One of the first questions most clients ask is whether or not we can effectively clean and sanitize restrooms with eco-friendly cleaning chemicals, and the answer is yes! Recent advances in ingredients and compounds help us clean and disinfect with less environmental impact. When you see just how spotless we can get things using sustainable janitorial methods, you, your colleagues and clients will be delighted. Our checklists are thorough, and we develop a customized plan for every customer.  When you contract with us for daily service, our NYC office janitors will work around your schedule so that they are there when your offices are empty. If you’re a facilities manager with a boss who is a stickler for details, we can help with outstanding service and consistent results.

Let Us Help with Your Green Cleaning Initiative

A recently cleaned retail store in midtown Manhattan where SanMar building services is located. SanMar also offers an eco-friendly restaurant, retail store, and fitness center cleaning service. With products and practices similar to those used in offices, we’ll have things looking and smelling their best from the first day. Restaurant kitchens and the locker rooms and equipment at fitness centers present specialized needs, and we have you covered. Our expert staff is trained and experienced in powering through kitchen grease and keeping even the most heavily used locker rooms clean and pleasant. New York City has stringent sanitary codes, and our cleaners will help you meet and exceed the city’s high standards. For retail stores, we’ll help you make the best possible impression on customers to meet the ultra-competitive realities of the marketplace today.

If your current janitorial contractor is falling short, we’ll make sure to improve the results immediately. No other environmentally aware NYC office cleaning service can match SanMar’s performance. We have long-term clients and earn five-start reviews thanks to the caliber of our work. We love what we do, and it shows in the results we provide. Listening to our clients and understanding their needs is a vital part of our process. Our management is never more than a phone call away and makes frequent site visits to assure your complete satisfaction. We understand you have a choice and will do what it takes to win and keep your business. We also offer whole-building office cleaning service — and no job is too big or small for our dedicated team.

What is Eco-Friendly Cleaning and Why is It Important?

Reusable cleaning equipment for eco-friendly cleaning in ManhattanMost experts agree green cleaning includes the use of carefully developed products and reusable implements that minimize any negative impact on the environment and human health.  Therefore, these practices are more sustainable than traditional products and services. Most companies today have environmental goals to reduce waste, shrink carbon footprints, and adopt sustainable practices. For facilities management teams, converting to environmentally friendly janitorial service is an essential step to comply with the company’s objectives. Our job at SanMar is to provide green cleaning with no sacrifices in quality and results. Also, nearly everyone agrees it’s the right thing to do for a better future for everyone.

If you’re in New York and the surrounding metro area, you owe it to yourself to request a free quote. You’ll be surprised at how well we can fit your budget. SanMar is proud to provide the most effective eco-friendly office cleaning NYC has available. For offices, restaurants, fitness centers, retail stores, and more, we’re the janitorial contractor of choice. With us, you’ll never need to worry about quality and reliability. Also, it won’t be long before clients and colleagues paying you compliments and asking you who is handling your cleaning. We work hard to assure your satisfaction, and you’ll see great results consistently. SanMar is New York City’s most effective commercial cleaning contractor, contact us today!

SanMar Building Services. We are environmentally friendly cleaning contractors in Manhattan, NY.


SanMar Cleans NYC Offices of
All Sizes and Types Every Day

A clean studio office in Soho. SanMar cleans all sizes of office in NYC.If your New York City office is expanding, chances are adding a professional office cleaning NYC service is a priority. Having your office cleaned daily is essential for co-workers and clients alike, and is a sign of professionalism and progress. SanMar is a midtown Manhattan-based commercial cleaning contractor and we clean offices of many types. Our well-trained staff works flexible hours to fit around your schedule and no matter when you need us, we’ll be there. Let our experts show you how clean your office can be when it is cleaned daily by professionals. If you are in an image-conscious business, we’ll make sure your premises are spotless at all times.

The SanMar team will arrive every day with a checklist to make sure everything in your office is cleaned to the highest standards. If you’re the facilities manager, you know that adding additional workspace means more people and more dirt. With SanMar, high traffic areas like reception areas and restrooms receive special attention. These are the rooms with high visibility that drive people’s impressions about your business. Having them neat and impeccably clean makes a favorable impression every time, and you need people saying good things about your premises. Your people also will feel more comfortable and be more productive in cleaner surroundings.

Specialty Office Cleaning is Available Throughout the NYC Metro Area

Daily office cleaning for any size office in Manhattan by SanMar Building Services, specialists in small office cleaning NYC.More and more, offices are branding statements for companies, and they need to be cleaned and maintained to the highest standards. If your new interior has unique and high-end elements, we’ll clean and maintain them carefully and thoroughly. Also, if you’ve recently expanded your space and added more people, an upgraded cleaning contractor is an essential next step to maximize the return on your investment. Not all contractors are alike, and at SanMar, we take extra steps to make sure our clients are satisfied. Ours is a detail-oriented business, and we always follow the most effective dusting, mopping, and vacuuming protocols to ensure outstanding results.

One-of-a-kind interior installations and elements must be cleaned with the proper equipment and implements to keep them looking their best. Likewise, costly natural surfaces such as wood paneling and stone floors require expert care. Because we have cleaned so many offices over the years, we know what it takes to clean and maintain all expensive surfaces properly — and we can stay within your budget. If you’ve expanded to an entire building, no job is too large, and we have the people and equipment to handle the job. Some of the city’s highest profile buildings are among our clients, and we have longstanding agreements as their cleaning contractor.

SanMar Makes Special Office Cleaning Requests Easier

Best practices in NYC office cleaning.We’re available and ready to help no matter what your needs. Our service is custom designed for each client, and its never a problem to accommodate special requests. For example, if you have a small office with VIPs or celebrities, we’ll clean it effectively and at flexible hours to work around your schedule. Our people have been with us for a long time and are well trained to handle high-end facilities. We’re also equally conscientious about floor care and above-the-floor cleaning. With SanMar as your contractor, your interior will be dirt and dust free so that it is healthier and more pleasant for everyone who visits or works there.

No other NYC office cleaning service can match our quality, flexibility, and dependability. We’re licensed, bonded, and insured and ready to clean offices of any size and type. Others make promises quickly — we make promises carefully and keep the ones we make. If you’re prepared to step up to professional office cleaning, let SanMar help. We’ll be pleased to visit your location and give you a no-obligation quote. During the visit, you’re welcome to ask questions and discuss any special requests with us. Our goal is to make it easy and budget-friendly for you to keep your office cleaned and well maintained. We realize you have a choice among contractors and will go out of our way to win and keep your business. Contact us for a free NYC office cleaning quote.


Co-working office cleaning services in NYC by SanMar Building Services LLC in Midtown Manhattan. Office cleaning services by bonded and insured professional NYC office cleaners.SanMar Building Services is a leader in providing the best office cleaning NYC has available for co-working spaces. Our daily cleaning protocols consider the dense population of shared work environments, and we always employ the most advanced office cleaning methods. We have extensive capabilities and are well equipped to offer commercial cleaning services in New York City for offices of any type and size. As a result, if you’re managing a co-working space in Manhattan and looking for an office cleaning company, let us give you a proposal to fit your needs and budget.

With freelancers, start-ups, and small firms in your space, it’s likely that every day is different – meaning that your needs vary continuously. Experienced teams like the ones we provide will arrive with a game plan so that they are more effective than others. If your interior and furnishings are unique, you’ll see an immediate improvement in the cleanliness of your workspace. From dusting desktops to sanitizing restrooms and carefully cleaning lunch areas, our service is second to none. With competition increasing, you’ll retain tenants and have higher satisfaction rates when your offices are cleaner.

Co-Working Spaces Require Highly Effective Office Cleaning Services

Two maids cleaning an office, one is vacuuming and the other is cleaning a computer monitorWhen you’re reviewing office cleaning companies, make sure to ask about current clients and capabilities. The most productive contractors will have reliable answers for both questions. For example, we understand that in more crowded workspaces, above-the-floor cleaning takes on particular importance. High-traffic areas need to be wiped down daily to keep them free from fingerprints and grime. It includes door handles, reception counters, interior windows, and more. We understand you want a healthy, pleasant work environment that makes a great impression on everyone from visitors to clients and daily workers.

It might sound fundamental, but subtle differences such as flat mopping hard floors as opposed to using old-fashioned string mops can make a significant difference. These are the reasons why we at SanMar are ahead of the curve with office cleaning techniques that employ all of the latest equipment and methods. Because you have so many individual tenants in your workspace, each making a daily, weekly, or monthly decision about whether to renew or leave, attending to details is more important than for many others. You need an office maintenance contractor who will partner with you to make sure the results are outstanding and consistent every day.

We Clean Shared Lounges and Hospitality Areas Until They are Spotless

Stock photo of a dining room of a restaurant in New York City

If your co-working office includes a lounge or hospitality area, chances are it receives heavy use and is a place where people are eating and drinking often. When food and beverages are present — and the accidental spills that happen invariably — you need a higher level of daily office cleaning to keep your premises in optimal condition. In these areas, special attention needs to be paid to trash bins and countertops so that they remain clean, pleasant, and fresh smelling. Because they also create the potential for insect and rodent issues, we place extra emphasis on soap-and-water cleaning and mopping so that any residue left behind by spills and normal are cleaned up immediately.

A significant secondary benefit of high-quality commercial cleaning service is its potential to extend the life of costly interior renovations. Proper maintenance improves the lifespan of nearly any element from furniture to hard floors and carpets. Therefore, wise managers of co-working spaces and landlords have come to understand the long-term value of outstanding cleaning contractors. At SanMar, we are proud to be among New York City’s top-rated building service companies, and we offer a complete range of cleaning and restoration services. If your workspace includes stone and marble floors, our team of trained professionals can keep them looking their best.

We Provide Free Estimates and Advice for Cleaning Co-Working Spaces

Everything with us is customized to the specific office cleaning needs of your co-working space. Our hours are flexible and can be adjusted so that our crews are present when your workspace is unoccupied. Service levels can be adjusted to fit your budget and service can begin quickly — and also a word about capabilities: if you have a more extensive, multi-floor operation, not all contractors are equipped to handle spaces of this size. SanMar handles everything from smaller offices to whole buildings, so you can rest assured we have the people, equipment, and know-how to provide superior results every day. Co-working spaces are one of the fastest growing segments of office cleaning in New York City, and when you contract with us at SanMar, you’ll be signing up with the best.


Midtown Commercial Cleaning Service is our Specialty

SanMar Building Services cleans whole buildings in Midtown with a specialization in small and mid-size buildings. Our commercial cleaning service is second to none, and we have many satisfied clients in Midtown West, the Garment Center, Flatiron, Times Square, Columbus Circle, and Turtle Bay, which is also known as Midtown East. Among commercial cleaning contractors in the area, our services are highly rated we follow advanced protocols that will leave your premises spotless. Every area is attended to thoroughly — even down to smaller but highly visible focal points like polishing the elevators. Our experts make details such as elevator cleaning high priorities on their daily checklists. SanMar’s well-trained building cleaning crews arrive each day with a game plan and follow a systematic approach. Your co-workers or tenants will be impressed by the results and if you’ve tried other Midtown building cleaning services with mixed results, let us show you how SanMar’s cleaners provide outstanding service every day.

Cleaning offices in Midtown is the daily work of San'Mar's expert crew

Our expert cleaning staff is thorough and dedicated to exceptional quality service

We take pride in our work and do what it takes to stay ahead of the curve. When others are still using old fashioned string mops, we’re flat mopping hard floors as part of an advanced floor-care routine. Trash removal is more than taking out the bags and putting in new ones. SanMar’s building cleaners wash out and dry the containers themselves to keep things looking and smelling fresh. Great attention is paid to high traffic common spaces such as reception areas, conference rooms, and lunchrooms. Not only are they swept daily and kept dust-dree but also wiped down thoroughly with special dirt-attracting microfiber cloths. It leaves a polished appearance that is free from fingerprints and scuffs. If the condition if your building has become a topic of conversation among colleagues or tenants, we can help you turn those comments from critical to ones of thanks and satisfaction. Few other building cleaning contractors in Midtown take the time we do to know our clients and their needs. It’s this sort of individualized service that is a cornerstone of our success and explains our recent growth.

Cleaning Small and Mid-Size Buildings is What We Do

Because of their location in Midtown Manhattan, the whole buildings we clean often are among the city’s busiest. When doors and windows are opened frequently, dirt blows in or is tracked in. In these locations, daily cleaning by expert crews is essential. More than a few recent studies have linked workspace cleanliness to worker morale – and tenant satisfaction. If you’re a building manager or landlord, having commercial building cleaners who take a sincere interest in the condition of your premises is the first step toward improving satisfaction and tenant retention. While many services pay nearly all of their attention to floors, SanMar also keeps an eye on above-the-floor elements such as walls and doors which are highly visible. Routine wiping to keep them free from fingerprints and scuffs can make an immediate improvement in the appearance of your building interior. Everyone who arrives at your location will notice that things are clean and well-maintained – and the value of those consistent good impressions can be significant. Because vacancy rates are too high and there is competition for better tenants, making sure you have clean, well-maintained premises is essential.

Among all of the services offered by the best Midtown building cleaners, few are as essential as restroom cleaning. Fixtures, dispensers, and counters need to be sparkling and the room itself fresh smelling. Everything needs to be sanitized according to the latest protocols. We place a significant emphasis on spotless restrooms and achieve this with advanced cleaning chemicals that are both eco-friendly and highly effective. If you have had disappointing results before, we’re ready to show you how SanMar makes restroom cleaning better and more consistent. Even if you have men’s and women’s rooms on every floor, we will make sure the daily service you receive will be the most excellent available. We assign a specific crew to each building and make sure to provide optimal staffing. It means our people can do a thorough and systematic job, giving the needed amount of time and attention to each room. We never rush and always emphasize being thorough and offering the highest quality.

SanMar Provides Unique Midtown Building Cleaning Services

No two structures and their tenants are alike, and that’s why SanMar offers one-of-a-kind building cleaning services in Midtown Manhattan. With the tenant populations of many locations changing in recent years, so have maintenance needs – and that’s why you need a contractor that is responsive to your needs. We take pride in answering every client call and promptly responding to customer requests. If you have specific building cleaning requirements, we have the expert staff and know-how to help. Consistency and thoroughness are our top goals, and we are there every day to help you make a great impression on anyone who visits your building. If you have a historic interior with wood and marble elements as many Midtown buildings do in Manhattan, we will clean and maintain with expertly so that they are preserved and looking their best at all times. Elevators are cleaned and polished daily including all metal and glass interior elements. Everything lasts longer and works better when it is well maintained.

Elevator cleaning is an important part of our daily building cleaning service in Midtown

Elevators and other high-traffic areas are cleaned and polished daily with care

Last but not least, a word about dust. While we might think of it as being something more related to furniture and tables at home, it’s a concern at work as well. Making sure to keep your building free from allergens like dust and dust mites is an essential service provided by the best Midtown building cleaning companies like SanMar. High filtration vacuuming equipment removes dust from carpets and other fabric surfaces where it can collect. Allergy and asthma sufferers will benefit, and things will look and smell fresher. Thorough daily vacuuming combined with proper maintenance of the filters in your HVAC system will produce a cleaner building interior than you’ve ever had before. If you’ve been frustrated by the service you’ve received previously, contact SanMar for a proposal and quote. We’re ready to get started helping you have a cleaner building today.


Office cleaning services in NYC by SanMar Building Services LLC in Midtown Manhattan. Office cleaning services by bonded and insured professional NYC office cleaners.SanMar Building Services is a leading commercial cleaning company providing the most exceptional office cleaning NYC has to offer. With us, your offices will be cleaned to the highest standards using the best vacuuming, dusting, polishing and sanitizing techniques. Among New York City office cleaning contractors, San Mar is highly rated and assures you of a cleaner, fresher workplace that will be more pleasant for you and your co-workers every day. Our professional cleaners make your satisfaction their number one goal and are highly trained and use the latest equipment and environmentally safe cleaning compounds. They are on the lookout for dust, scuffs, fingerprints and everything else that needs to be swept and polished from floor to ceiling. If you’re currently interviewing office cleaners, we hope you’ll let us show you how SanMar will make your NYC office cleaner than anyone else you can hire.

So many extra touches go into doing a better job. Most important is to provide a unique office cleaning service that considers the details and elements of your workplace. We always arrive with a game plan and work with a methodical approach. It assures that each component is dusted, wiped down, vacuumed, scrubbed and polished most expertly. High-traffic areas such as entrances, reception areas, conference rooms, and restrooms receive individual attention daily. No two are alike, and each demands specific office cleaning methods. Our clients look to us for outstanding service and consistently superior results. You and your colleagues spend a great deal of time at work and making sure you have a pleasant, sanitary, and fresh smelling environment is our number one goal. Our clients rave about our service, and we have received many five-star reviews.

Recent studies have indicated that better office cleaning is a contributor to better morale and higher productivity at many companies. When people feel better and are more comfortable, they can focus on their work and be less distracted. It is why SanMar cleans every office and work station meticulously and with an eye toward perfectionism. Microfiber cloths and special dust attracting agents make our surface cleaning second to none. We also focus on walls, dividers and glass partitions making sure these are free from fingerprints, scuffs, and other marks. Reception counters and seating areas often make the first impression on clients visiting your company, and that’s why we keep them spotless. Daily protocols include thorough dusting and wiping down all glass and metal surfaces. We leave your furniture neatly arranged and rooms looking their best so that you are greeting your customer and clients with a neat, clean space that is comfortable and inviting.

Because the city is notoriously dirty outdoors, advanced floor care is one of the essential components of the best New York City office cleaning. SanMar technicians have the most up-to-date equipment, and when it comes to hard floors, they are expert cleaners and polishers. Few things are as noticeable to employees and clients as spotless and gleaming floors, and we make sure yours look perfect. If you have unique surfaces such as stone or marble, our team has the know-how and equipment to keep them looking their best. If previous office cleaning contractors left your floors in poor condition, we also offer restoration services. We’re always available to give estimates and explanations of the service we can provide to bring nearly any hard floor back to like-new condition. Few of our competitors have the expertise to match ours, and we’re confident the results will impress you and your management, Also if your bosses are hard to please, we can help you win them over.

Restrooms also are areas of focus and making sure they are not only clean but also sanitary is an integral component of our daily office cleaning services. NYC is a crowded place, and there is no doubt that many people use your facilities. We understand these use patterns and arrive ready to disinfect and clean your restrooms to the highest standards every day. The latest technology includes environmentally safe chemicals that are strong but safe. You’ll have peace of mind knowing your facilities are sanitized and at the same time no overly harsh chemicals will be used in your workplace. Both porcelain and chrome elements will be polished until they are gleaming and spotless. Everyone will notice instantly, and if you are in facilities management the one responsible for selecting your company’s maintenance contractors, we would love to show you how we offer the best office cleaning NYC has available. We are flexible with scheduling, our pricing will fit your budget, and we work throughout the metropolitan area, with an emphasis on Manhattan. If you want cleaner offices, contact SanMar today.

Every office building is looking for the best New York City Janitorial Service. Sometimes it’s hard to choose which one that can be, seeing as there are numerous Janitorial Services in NYC.

Here are a couple of tips that can aid your search in finding the New York City Janitorial Service that best fits your needs.

A janitor using a mop and bucket to wash the hallway floor of an office corridor in a Manhattan building.When seeking out a NYC Janitorial company, you should make sure that they are professionals. Make sure that their employees and staff are trained and actually know what they are doing. To ensure that you are hiring professionals ask about their employee manual, Companies that have these usually have them for a reason. After all, you want a midtown NYC janitorial service that sends experts in their field and not untrained people to work in your home or office!

Make sure that you are comfortable with the products and cleaning equipment that they use. Whether it’s in your home or at your office you have to make sure that the products that are used by the New York City Janitorial company you are considering, aren’t harmful to you, those around you, or your property. For those who are environmentally conscious, make sure that they offer Eco-Friendly products or alternatives. But also be aware that since the cleaning will be environmentally friendly it might result in a slightly higher cost. Janitorial Services that know their products obviously know how to use them! If you have any doubt about a product that they are using never hesitate to ask! Just because they proclaim themselves a professional Manhattan janitorial service, doesn’t necessarily mean that they are. The only way to satisfy your doubt is to ask and see what they answer you.

Another tip in choosing the New York City janitorial company that best suits you would be to know what it is exactly what you want in the service you are seeking. Assure yourself that they offer a variety of janitorial services! Make sure it’s not just a one trick show. And most importantly of all, don’t let them trick you into getting something you don’t want. Remember to ask exactly what they offer, and if you have a special request ask if it would be possible to do this, DON’T ASSUME that just because they are a Professional Janitorial Service in New York City, that they can read your mind and know exactly what you want to get done. We can’t stress this enough. If they are flexible or rational and are willing to meet your demands, or maybe justly decline, then that’s when you realize that you have begun to find your ideal New York City Janitorial Service!

Finally a very important tip! Make sure that when you book an appointments or when you’re scheduling as a contract, you are treated with courtesy amiability and most importantly professionalism. Chances are that if the person behind the phone is courteous, professional, and amiable, then the rest of the staff is that way as well!