COVID-19 Disinfection Service in Medical Environments

The arrival of the coronavirus pandemic has impacted all areas of medical office disinfection during both daily use and nightly cleaning. The use of broad-spectrum EPA-registered products with virus-killing abilities is necessitated for the safety of staff and patients. Coronavirus cleaning in NYC. Medical grade cleaning NYC for Corona virus COVID-19At SanMar, we’ve expanded protocols and added extra steps so that we can continue to provide the best medical cleaning NYC has to offer. Our people are well trained and properly outfitted to handle any situation. We are available to new clients and have expanded our services for existing ones. It’s part of our commitment to being known as one of the foremost commercial cleaning services in New York City.

We provide sanitizing of medical facilities of all kinds along with daily cleaning service — SanMar is flexible and dedicated to meeting our clients’ needs. We’ll be there whenever you need us and if you have specific disinfection regimens that you need to be followed, we’re ready to help. Or, if you need help designing a program to meet current needs and regulations, we’re ready to help. Our mission is to provide consistently high-quality cleaning service in Manhattan and all around the NYC metro area. No job is too big or too small and our people are well trained and focused on your satisfaction. We understand the need for conscientious and thorough service daily.

We Disinfect and Clean Any NYC Medical or Dental Facility

SanMar is a trusted partner to clean and disinfect physician offices and dental offices, outpatient surgery centers, hospitals, rehabilitation centers, and long-term care facilities. Our people are thoroughly trained in the safe and effective use of anti-virus and anti-bacteria products of the needed potency and efficacy. Medical office cleaning and disinfecting service.We safely apply disinfecting products according to their usage guidelines. If your in-house team has been understaffed or overwhelmed by current needs, outsource your added needs to us. We’ll arrive ready to go on the first day and help you quickly come into compliance with the required protocols. We bring the needed equipment and cleaning implements.

Our team of dedicated and well-trained technicians allows us to provide the best medical office cleaning NYC has to offer. From solo practitioners to group medical practices, we clean them all with excellent service and reasonable rates. SanMar is well known for its attention to detail and the quality of our work. Customer satisfaction is our number one goal and we keep your facilities spotless for the safety. comfort, and peace of mind of all. We dust and clean more thoroughly than our competitors and not many NYC medical cleaning companies can match the caliber of our service. We are proud of our many long-term client relationships with satisfied customers.

SanMar Provides Unique Medical and Commercial Cleaning Services

Customization and meeting each client’s needs uniquely is the cornerstone of our success. We walk every space and develop a thorough checklist in consultation with you the client. We never use a one-size-fits-all approach and make sure to focus on every client’s priorities. Medical office cleaning in NYCWhen we clean medical facilities including disinfection services, we use highly effective products that are eco-friendly to the greatest extent possible. We understand many have dual needs for disinfection along with a commitment to reducing environmental impact. SanMar’s mission is to stay ahead of the curve with the latest and most effective products and methods across all cleaning functions.

If you’ve tried outsourcing your NYC office cleaning service and medical facility disinfection before and not been impressed, let us show you the difference we can make. Our people are experts at producing quick results and making sure our clients are satisfied and their needs met. We follow a methodical approach and cover all items on your checklist to produce superior results. Switching to SanMar is a refreshing experience if you’ve been dissatisfied in the past. We’ll get the job done right and work within your budget for cleaning services.

We clean NYC medical facilities. SanMar Building Services is a Manhattan cleaning company that cleans medical offices.



We Clean Office Carpeting in NYC

Office cleaning of carpets. SanMar provides carpet cleaning in officesWant to make your office look better instantly?  Clean your carpets. It’s as easy as calling us at SanMar because we provide expert carpet cleaning in offices all around New York City. Our clients say it’s a welcome improvement at any time of the year and they rave about our service with five-star reviews. The floors at your office are more noticeable than anything else and they affect people’s impressions of your company. If it’s been a while since you’ve done a spruce-up, our carpet cleaners are ready to help. They clean high-traffic areas and remove spots to make your carpeting look like new. You and everyone else will be impressed by the outstanding results.

At SanMar, we’re already well known for the best office cleaning NYC has to offer — and proud to offer added services like disinfecting for coronavirus and a complete commercial carpet cleaning service. It’s all part of our commitment to provide New York City companies, large and small, with the professional support they need to operate at peak efficiency. Dirty carpets can harbor a host of contaminants that our expert cleaners can remove with shampooing and steam cleaning. We can clean any type of carpeting with excellent results and no damage. If you’re in charge of housekeeping at your office, give us a call for a free no-obligation estimate on any service you need.

Few Office Carpet Cleaners Can Match Our Service

Our people are outfitted with the best equipment and products, and we follow the best practices in everything we do. Not many NYC office carpet cleaners put in time and effort as we do when shampooing and steam cleaning carpeting of all types. From the most resilient artificial fibers to delicate natural wool, we’ve cleaned them all and done so with tremendous success. It’s because our people are experienced, well trained and fully dedicated to their work. We understand our client’s needs and strive to achieve 100-percent customer satisfaction.

If you’ve been disappointed by past contractors, let us show you the difference SanMar can make. One of the keys to our working more effectively is being more efficient. We approach every client and project with a game plan that keeps our crews busy at all times. We’re there only for the amount of time we need to be, and fewer hours can help meet your budget needs. Our people have pioneered many new methods and we take a genuine interest in doing a better job than anyone else. We know our clients have options, and we work hard to earn your business.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning with Flexible Scheduling

No matter how professionally carpeting is cleaned, it needs time to dry. Therefore, you must schedule your cleaning when your office will be closed. We’ll work around your schedule — nights or weekends is necessary — to make sure our work doesn’t inconvenience you, and carpets have sufficient time to dry. As SanMar we work 24/7 in accordance with our clients’ schedules and needs. We can be on-site any time of the day or night, and we’re easy to schedule. We understand companies work varied hours and our people can be there when you need us.

We’re also adaptable to the needs of different offices and have commercial carpet cleaners for every size job — nothing is too large or small. Many of our clients hire us for whole-building NYC office cleaning and we work on multiple floors simultaneously. Our team cleaning methods improve efficiency and enable us to handle larger areas with ease. It’s all part of our commitment to go above and beyond when we clean office carpeting in Manhattan and all around New York City. SanMar is licensed, bonded, and insured, and dedicated to outstanding service.




The Cost of Office Cleaning: What Your Budget Will Cover

The cost of office cleaning in Manhattan varies by company.

In this article, we will discuss office cleaning costs in New York City to some extent. But more importantly, we will focus on the kinds of services and benefits your company will enjoy from outsourcing janitorial service, including sanitizing.

At SanMar, we’re well-known for providing the most excellent office cleaning NYC has available and we take pride in our work every day. Also, in the post-coronavirus era, it’s crucial to emphasize the importance of having a clean and safe office for your employees and customers. We realize that some people are still working from home. But as things continue to return to normal, you will want to be careful about keeping your office clean and properly disinfected.

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What Services Do Office Cleaning Companies Provide?

Services can vary by company. At SanMar, we provide all of these janitorial services:

  • Office cleaning budgets are determined by service level.Disinfecting and sanitizing all shared surfaces with coronavirus-killing products
  • Restroom cleaning, including cleaning of fixtures, dispensers, partitions, and doors with sanitizers
  • Outstanding office-wide floor care; mopping, polishing, and vacuuming
  • Waste disposal
  • Cleaning and disinfecting in breakrooms and kitchen areas
  • Desk, cubicle, and workspace dusting and wiping
  • Dusting and care for window blinds and upholstery
  • Entryway and reception area maintenance
  • Elevator cleaning and polishing

You can select the services that fit your budget and needs. Our state-of-the-art equipment and well-trained team eliminate dust, dirt, and germs until your office is truly clean. Because we offer customized service plans, it is hard to put one specific price on the cost of our office cleaning services. If you are interested, we provide no-obligation quotes at no charge for any potential customer.

The Long-Terms Benefits of Office Cleaning Service

1. A Team of Professionals Cleans Your Office

Bringing in the right NYC office cleaning company means that you have a team of people who are experienced in how to clean and sanitize all areas of your workspace. A dedicated janitorial service’s sole priority is to ensure that your office is spotless and sanitized. Remember that there are differences among cleaning companies and some will only provide limited service, overlook spots, etc.

A team like the one at SanMar is trained in essential protocols for COVID-19 control before or after an outbreak in a commercial environment. Our specially trained team is available to deal with all problematic areas that are affecting your workspace. Our supervisors review every area continuously to assure you of the highest quality clean.

2. We Help You Make the Best Impression on Clients and Guests

When clients and customers walk into your office for the first time, they’ll remember what they see. If there are dust and present, do you think they will have a good impression of doing business with your company? Probably not. Having a clean and tidy office is about professionalism; it demonstrates you care about image and reputation. If your workspace is neglected, customers may assume you will neglect them too.

You can remind your employees to dispose of trash properly, place their dishes in the break-room dishwasher, and keep their desktops neat on a daily basis. Those small details make a difference when combined with having your space deep cleaned regularly.

3. Budget-Friendly Eco-Cleaning for NYC Offices

Having your New York City office disinfected can help uphold your company’s environmental and sustainability goals in the era of Coronavirus.  Green-cleaning contractors like SanMar are an excellent choice for the earth. Low-cost eco-cleaning is available.Environmentally-friendly cleaning is about using products that are gentler on the earth. It also includes using the newest cleaning implements and methods to maximize efficiency and reduce the use of wasteful disposable items.

Also, harsher old-fashioned products can irritate everyone at the office, especially allergy and asthma sufferers. They will a appreciative and more comfortable with newer, eco-cleaning products in use. Janitorial services like SanMar that are experienced in the safe and effective use of green cleaning products also provide their employees with training. It teaches them how to correctly use and store of all products.

4. Convenient 24/7 Scheduling to Minimize Disruption

Most Manhattan companies need their cleaning service to work outside of regular business hours when meetings are complete, clients have departed, and employees have left out for the day. It reduces disruption in the workplace. If you have an in-house crew clean areas of the office during the workday, it creates noise and disruption. Any of these can affect the productivity of your employees and take attention off their job responsibilities.

Office janitorial companies like SanMar will work with you to agree on schedule based on convenience and your needs. If you don’t want floor polishers running at 10 a.m. on a Wednesday, we’ll make sure it never happens. Also, there is a conflict with your regularly scheduled service time, just call and let us know. We will work with you to find an alternate day and time that works well.

5. Save the Cost of Buying Cleaning Equipment

For facilities managers asking themselves, how much does office cleaning in NYC cost? the price of cleaning equipment also may be a consideration. We know from experience that high-quality, environmentally-friendly, professional products and equipment can be costly. By hiring a professionals, you won’t need to spend buying a floor polisher of disinfectant sprayer.

When comes down to the upfront costs to buy, plus maintenance expenses, and the time and effort your staff puts in to cleaning your office, it will cost you a lot in the long run. San Mar’s team of experts offers New York City’s most excellent commercial cleaning service to help you keep your office clean and sanitized against COVID-19.

SanMar provides office cleaning cost estimates.

COVID-19 Commercial Cleaning Service in NYC

We’re Ready to Clean as Offices, Retailers, Outdoor Cafes, and Others are Permitted to Reopen.

As New York City businesses begin to reopen, and more prepare to do so in Phase III, we provide unmatched COVID-19 disinfecting and commercial cleaning service. COVID-19 commercial cleaning in NYC.It includes sanitizing protocols to help reduce or eliminate coronavirus transmission and ensure that our clients comply with city, state, and CDC public health guidelines. As the city progresses through phased re-openings, and more people return to work, the most effective commercial cleaning NYC has available will become more vital than ever.

Also, for any business that has relied on part-time janitors, we advise the COVID-19 pandemic necessitates more frequent cleaning. For retailer stores and outdoor cafes with higher traffic, interim disinfecting throughout the day can be essential. No matter what the need, our mission is to provide disinfecting that helps keep people safe and New York City businesses open. We’ve added additional steps to the service checklists for all of our clients. SanMar’s team is trained in the correct use of effective anti-microbial products to kill viruses and bacteria.

We’re Optimized Office Cleaning to Disinfect for Coronavirus

Our New York City office cleaning includes disinfecting for COVID-19 to meet health guidelines for people who are working in closer proximity. While social distancing helps address airborne transmission of coronavirus,  surface sanitizing is the other line of defense.Coronavirus cleaning in NYC. Medical grade cleaning NYC for Corona virus COVID-19 Trained professional office cleaners correctly applying EPA-registered anti-virus disinfecting agents is a must. Anti-microbial products commonly used for restroom disinfection are now of value in many more places around the office. Also, because no two offices or stores are the same, each requires a specialized cleaning plan.

When you’re contracting for office and commercial cleaning in NYC, you continue to have options for the type and frequency of service. As an expert COVID-19 office cleaning service located in Manhattan, our service territory covers all five boroughs (Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Staten Island) as well as many locations in the New York City metropolitan area. Our scheduling is flexible with cleaning appointments available anytime during the day and evening, as well as nights and weekends. The SanMar team most often disinfects and cleans when businesses are closed, but we can make interim visits when your company is open.

Our Eco-Cleaning Can Include COVID-19 Sanitizing Protocols

The coronavirus presents a critical human health protection need in New York City and beyond. But also the longer-term environmental responsibility goals and eco-cleaning remain vital. Green bucket with eco-friendly cleaning products used by our cleaners.Therefore, the use of EPA-registered disinfectants is crucial in all work. Expert professional eco-cleaning contractors like our SanMar team have a track record of maintaining environmental responsibility. We have helped lead the way to safer and less harsh products for all applications where their use is effective. Killing viruses and bacteria on surfaces while being gentler on the earth are the overriding goals.

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, much attention is being placed on disinfecting and sanitizing throughout stores, offices, and other businesses that can be open. But thorough restroom cleaning remains a priority. The same rigorous sanitizing protocols in use routinely now have new relevance against the coronavirus. We advise all business owners and managers to be focused on keeping sanitary restrooms to safeguard employees and customers. At the same time, they can be maintained with eco-cleaning products to meet environmental goals.

Expert Sanitizing is Required for All Commercial Establishments

Sanitizing needs to take place at consistent quality levels, no matter what a building’s interior design. Because some of the most unique historic interiors and modern minimalist spaces are located in New York City, commercial cleaning needs are wide-ranging. But the guidelines are explicit that standards must be maintained regardless of the interior. Our high-quality cleaning service is appropriate for any business, even ones with precious and valuable items on the premises. Because of public health guidelines, cleaning requirements are similar for everyone.

Retailer stores and outdoor cafes now reopening also may have specific guidelines and need to adhere to strict sanitizing protocols. The need is to sanitize contact points frequently to reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission among customers and employees. While in-house janitors may be able to handle daytime needs, we recommend thorough professional office cleaning after the close of business every day. Disinfectant applications need to be handled when the spacer is empty, and thorough cleaning can be completed according to the highest standards.

SanMar Building Services, LLC. We clean and maintain small and mid-size commercial and residential buildings in Manhattan, NY


Commercial Cleaning that Includes Disinfecting

Medical grade cleaning NYC for Corona virus COVID-19The COVID-19 pandemic and its disproportionate impact in New York City rightly has focused enormous attention on the need to sanitize commercial spaces daily. At SanMar Building Services, we’ve risen to the occasion with a range of new disinfecting services and capabilities. But we also want our clients and future clients to know that we’ve always killed 99-percent of germs as part of our daily service. It’s because we have the newest methods to deliver NYC commercial cleaning that includes disinfecting.  Our clients need — and want — these services more than ever today, and it’s our mission to provide them better than any other janitorial service.

How do you sanitize buildings to kill coronavirus is a question all of our clients want to be answered. It requires a strict protocol and the use of EPA-registered disinfectants certified to kill viruses. They must be applied appropriately to surfaces and touchpoints throughout an interior space by trained professionals. If you’re interested in finding out more about cleaning and disinfecting service for your company, we’re pleased to schedule a walkthrough.  Also, if you’ve had an outbreak and need an urgent deep cleaning service, please contact us right away. In business, time is money. The sooner we have your premises safely disinfected, the sooner you can resume normal operations.

Even Before Coronavirus, Our Cleaning Included Sanitizing

NYC office cleaning that sanitizes.In response to today’s needs, we strive to have the most effective coronavirus cleaning NYC has to offer. But we’re always gone out of our way to sanitize as we clean. Its part of the higher caliber of service everyone on our team at SanMar is proud to provide. The health, safety, and comfort of our clients always is our number-one concern. It’s also why we work hard to stay ahead of the curve with newer methods and eco-cleaning products. They are highly effective and gentler on the environment. The new formulas are fresh smelling and don’t produce the harsh chemical odors of earlier versions.  People notice the cleaner surroundings and appreciate the added safety of sanitizing.

While killing viruses, bacteria, and germs is an essential part of daily janitorial service, dust should not be overlooked. For many people who suffer from allergies or asthma, a lack of fresh air is uncomfortable and debilitating. Above-the-floor cleaning that includes careful dusting with the right implements means everything. It’s also crucial to remove dust from carpets and upholstery. For those, it requires high-filtration HEPA-level vacuuming equipment. We’ll arrive at your company every day with all of the above to make sure we remove as much dust and allergens as we can. Your allergy-suffering colleagues will be appreciative and more productive as a result.

We Clean All Commercial Establishments Including Medical Facilities

Providing the best sanitizing and office cleaning NYC has available is our mission, but our capabilities don’t end there.Medical facility disinfecting in NYC. We clean and disinfect medical and dental offices, restaurants, retail stores, schools, event spaces, fitness centers, childcare centers, and many more. Our people are experienced and well trained and put their knowledge to use in keeping your premises safe and clean. We cover extensive cleaning checklists that are unique to every client. Also, we have a part-time janitorial service for companies needing to outsource their daily office cleaning. Our schedules are flexible, and we can be there 24/7 whenever you need us.

Customer satisfaction has been priority number-one at SanMar since our founding. We’ve built a reputation as one of the best commercial cleaning services in New York City and the entire Tri-State region. It’s because we take pride in our work and pout our client’s needs ahead of our own. The coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic thrust cleaning services like ours into the spotlight when proper disinfecting became a matter of life or death. We’ve responded with the necessary service updates to protect our customers and team members while continuing to provide exceptional service.  When you contract with us, we want you to have peace of mind and a healthy workplace.

SanMar Building Services cleans NYC commercial establishments.

Coronavirus Disinfecting | NYC Commercial Cleaning

Like everyone, our team of commercial cleaning experts at SanMar continues to monitor the COVID-19 virus epidemic and information from federal, state, and local officials.

NYC COVID-19 cleaning

At the same time, we continue to provide services to our regular clients, and those requesting the most effective coronavirus and COVID-19 cleaning NYC has available. Our trained and well-equipped personnel understand sanitizing protocols for essential businesses using hospital-grade disinfectants. The safety and health of our people, along with our client’s safety, is of paramount concern. We continue to do everything in our power to help everyone stay healthy while providing needed service.

Even under normal circumstances, we are known for providing outstanding medical cleaning in New York City and the surrounding area. Hospitals, doctor’s offices, surgery centers, and dental offices are among our specialties. Our service can include advanced commercial cleaning protocols to address coronavirus and COVID-19. We also provide cleaning and disinfecting service for gyms, fitness centers, and yoga studios. Our restaurant clients look to us to clean and sanitize both their front-of-house areas and kitchens. We use the right products and methods to clean, disinfect, and sanitize any space.

COVID-19 Cleaning Services in New York City

Because of our location and experience, SanMar is uniquely qualified to provide coronavirus cleaning services in New York City.

Office disinfecting and sanitizing.

The COVID-19 outbreak requires frequent sanitizing and disinfecting of many areas that under normal circumstances would be part of general office cleaning. If your business provides essential services and must remain open, call us for a quote. Also, if you have in-house janitorial staff who need extra helping during the coronavirus outbreak, we can add our expert services to help them meet your needs. Also, no matter what type of business you have, we can help.

One of the things that set us apart from other Manhattan coronavirus cleaning services is our people. They have many years of experience, including aseptic medical facility cleaning. We use eco-friendly products that are safe and highly effective. Our team members are also skilled in the proper application and use of each product to assure the maximum germ-killing results. It means greater peace of mind for your staff and visitors given today’s urgent need for frequently sanitized surroundings.

How to Reduce the Spread of COVID-19

In addition to the sanitizing protocols of commercial cleaning services, you can take steps personally to protect yourself against the coronavirus. They include washing your hands often, using hand sanitizer, avoiding touching your face (eyes, nose, mouth), and maintaining a distance of six feet from others. It’s also wise to avoid crowded areas, skip handshakes, and don’t give a huge to say hello or goodbye. All forms of social distancing are more crucial than ever. It means thinking twice and changing some of our most frequent habits. But together, we can slow or stop the spread of COVID-19.

If you are interested in hearing more about specific coronavirus cleaning recommendations for your business, a SanMar representative will be pleased to discuss options with you. Our commercial cleaning checklists for COVID-19 are among the most thorough in the industry. Also, we develop a customized plan for each client, depending on their needs. Each of us is dealing with a situation unlike any we’ve ever experienced before, and it is our goal to serve our clients, both old and new, with excellence in everything we do.

NYC Coronavirus Cleaning Services

SanMar cleans, disinfects, and sanitizes all types of businesses. We provide aseptic cleaning for medical and dental facilities of all kinds, as well as restaurants, nursing and rehabilitation centers, and essential offices. Our people are properly outfitted to clean for coronavirus and use the most advanced hospital-grade disinfectants and protocols. Contact us today for a free no-obligation quote.

SanMar Building Services, LLC. We disinfect and sanitize offices in NYC in the fight against Coronavirus.

Be Clean and Respect the Environment


There are a lot of commercial cleaning companies in New York City, but not all focus on eco-cleaning or help their clients have cleaner offices with less impact on the earth. Today, there are excellent environmentally responsible cleaning options that provide a deep clean while reducing any impact on the environment and human health. At SanMar Building Services, we pride ourselves on using eco-cleaning products that do an outstanding job and support our clients’ sustainability goals.

There are many ways you and your company will benefit from SanMar’s environmentally responsible office cleaning practices. If you’re wondering what to look for, here are some crucial factors to consider: You want an office janitorial service that that emphasizes eco-cleaning products that don’t pollute our air or water. Also, a contractor that reduces waste. It’s as simple as favoring reusable products over disposable ones. It’s a common-sense approach that produces excellent results.

Eco-Cleaning Practices Protect the Earth

There is a range of ways that making better choices in favor of eco-cleaning practices can have a significant effect over time. Because they are used and implemented daily, products and techniques have a significant effect on the environment. Green bucket with eco-friendly cleaning products used by our cleaners.These impacts include water and air pollution, harm to plants and helpful bacteria, overuse of landfills, and much more. Therefore, the benefits of following better practices are wide-ranging. It’s easy to see and recognize.

While you might not know a lot personally about how to reduce the potential impacts, doing your part by requesting eco-cleaning service is very simple. When you’re interviewing office janitorial contractors, keep an eye out for a company like SanMar. Our team has already done the work for you. We use the right products and follow environmentally friendly cleaning practices in our work every day. It’s better for our clients and the earth – and it’s better for all of us in the long-run.

We Keep Offices Clean and People Safe

One of the most crucial elements of eco-cleaning is lessening the impact of any products used on human health. It benefits your company instantly because staff, customers, and guests are comfortable and safe when inside your premises.Manhattan office janitorial services that are eco-friendly. In comparison, workplaces that smell like harsh, old-fashioned products make staff unproductive and visitors uncomfortable. The biggest impact is in using more advanced sanitizing and disinfecting products. They do an outstanding job without producing harsh, unpleasant odors. Today it’s possible to kill germs and smell good.

When you choose eco office cleaning by SanMar, you can rest assured that you’ve selected a janitorial services contractor that uses better products and equipment. We’re ahead of the curve in everything we do and it benefits our clients. Companies that position themselves as environmentally friendly, need to make sure their decisions uphold their goals. Customers and the public are quick to point out any inconsistencies between stated goals and actual practices. A client may see your janitorial service at work, and even if not, they will see the after-effects.

Our Green Cleaning is Highly Effective

You don’t need to worry about sacrificing office cleanliness when you switch to green cleaning practices. When you work with an experienced contractor like us, we’ll uphold all disinfecting protocols along with everything else on your checklist.

Eco-cleaning for NYC office restrooms.

Rest assured that you will have excellent commercial cleaning that doesn’t sacrifice quality or while it protects the environment. At SanMar, we offer sustainable options you might not even realize exist, such as recycled paper products and reusable microfiber dusting cloths.

It’s all part of taking our jobs seriously and acting with a sense of environmental responsibility in everything we do. Because accountability is increasingly valued by customers, we understand how essential it is to uphold your business goals. The way your office is cleaned can make an impression on your customers and guests.  The better company reputation you gain from SanMar’s eco-cleaning for your offices can pay off in customer loyalty and better staff productivity.

SanMar Building Services, LLC. We clean offices in NYC and maintain small and mid-size commercial and residential buildings in Manhattan, NY


No two offices are alike — and everyone wants clean surroundings. Therefore, it’s important to find out whether or not your company needs a weekly or daily office cleaning service. Generally speaking, when more people are present it means more dust and dirt. But it’s not always that simple. The type of work that goes on at your office and even its location can impact how quickly it needs janitorial service. Cleaning for medical and dental offices is much different than it is for corporate workplaces. Image-driven companies like fashion designers and architects may have much higher expectations for cleanliness and perfection than a general business office.

If restrooms or a lunchroom are located within your office space, it nearly always necessitates daily cleaning. Companies with shared restrooms maintained by their building landlords may be able to choose weekly service. Whichever schedule you choose, it’s essential to agree on a checklist with your cleaning contractor so that everything you expect will be taken care of on each cleaning visit. Trash removal is another consideration and unless someone on your team will take responsibility, it may mean you need daily service. Only emptying the trash weekly would be seen an unsatisfactory in most companies — clean offices boost employee morale.

Daily Office Cleaning is the Best Option for Many Companies

Keeping offices clean for the comfort and benefit of all often means daily cleaning service is the best option. When a trained crew is on-site every day and directed by a thorough checklist, you’ll see the most consistent and satisfactory results. Dusting cubicles is an essential part of daily office cleaning.Trash will be removed, restrooms cleaned and sanitized, and general office cleaning like floorcare and dusting will be their most consistent. Also, daily service prevents dirt from ever accumulating, so you’ll have well-maintained surroundings at all times. It’s not to say that weekly service is ineffective, but it’s not possible to maintain the same consistency with longer intervals between visits.

The sanitizing and disinfecting needs of medical and dental offices means they require daily cleaning. But taking a step beyond the essentials, it’s important that every area is kept equally spotless. Patients entering medical facilities have peace of mind when the surroundings are clean throughout. First impressions mean a lot and therefore even reception areas need to be carefully cleaned and maintained daily. Also, having a cleaning service that pays attention to details makes all the difference, and at SanMar we are perfectionists. Our office cleaning clients never need to ask twice — no matter what they request, we’ll get it done right and do it consistently.

Weekly Cleaning Service Works for Quieter and Smaller Offices

Smaller general offices with a staff of no larger than 10 or 12 and limited visitor traffic may be able to be well-served by weekly cleaning service. It also usually requires someone from your staff to handle daily trash removal and also a situation where the building landlord takes responsibility for restroom cleaning, which needs to be done daily. Weekly cleaning can be enough for smaller offices.With light traffic and a small employee group, weekly cleaning can be sufficient for floorcare, reception areas, and light dusting. To maintain a clean workplace with weekly janitorial service,  you’ll need a commitment from all to do their part and be helpful about maintaining a clean and tidy office.

Periodic deep cleanings where more is addressed may be a good complement to weekly office cleaning service. Scheduled on either a three- or six-month schedule, deep cleanings can eradicate all dirt and dust so that the weekly service can be more about maintaining a clean interior. It’s also helpful when there are intervals between your janitorial service appointments to do simple things like changing your HVAC filters routinely and keeping doors and windows closed. Dirt and dust that need to be swept and mopped up have entered your premises one way or another. If you take some simple steps to keep them out, it goes a long way toward keeping your office cleaner.

SanMar Provides Daily or Weekly Service At Your Request

Whenever you need us, we’ll be there. At SanMar Building Services, we pride ourselves in proving outstanding service to our clients, no matter when they need us. We’re flexible with scheduling and able to work around your hours, no matter when they may be. Our trained and experienced office cleaners are licensed, insured, and bonded to give you peace of mind. We’re among the best New York City office cleaning companies and completely devoted to your 100-percent satisfaction. We’re easy to reach and always available to provide free, no-obligation estimates.

We're a leading office cleaning company in New York City.

Unmatched Office Cleaning for Any Layout

Each Manhattan workspace is unique, and SanMar cleans them with outstanding service. We’re highly regarded for the best office cleaning NYC has to offer for every floorplan, no matter how larger or small.One of the types of offices SanMar cleans in New York City. Our professional office cleaners have experience with everything from open-plan layouts and team-cluster spaces to classic cubicle floorplans and private rooms. Also, we specialize in cleaning co-working spaces. To all of these, we bring efficiency and effective methods that respect your budget while producing excellent results. When it comes to Manhattan office cleaning contractors, we’re among the highly rated and reliable.

Our SanMar approach is to eco-clean offices with highly effective methods and products that are environmentally responsible. It’s a formula for success that’s based on our people and equipment. Our dedicated professionals are knowledgable are well-trained and equipped with the most advanced implements and products. We are years ahead of janitorial services still cleaning offices with outdated string mops and zone-cleaning methods. If you observe your current contractor using old fashioned techniques and equipment, it’s time to step up to something better. Regardless of your office type, we’ll clean it better from the first day we’re on site. Not many NYC commercial cleaning services are on par with our outstanding quality and favorable client reviews.

Adaptability and Teamwork Make Our Janitorial Service Unique

What is the best office cleaning service in New York City? It is one that cleans equally well in any office floorplan or layout. At SanMar, we are adaptable and flexible with no sacrifice of quality or increased cost. It means we can handle everything from contemporary open spaces to walled-in historic workplaces.  For example, start-ups and technology providers are well-known for open-plan interiors environments. The best office cleaning NYC has to offer is from SanMar's janitorial service from the best cleaning company in Manhattan.Because of these layouts, they need skilled and effective janitorial service. These configurations, with their higher density and heavier use patterns, demand a more thorough daily service than might be required for a lower density floor plan. With shared elements everywhere, disinfecting protocols can be necessary. Examples are keyboards, telephones, and shared countertops that need to be carefully wiped down daily.

Floors are of significant importance because they are so visible, and it doesn’t matter whether or not they are carpeted or hard surfaces. Also, in these open floorplans, above-the-floor cleaning takes on added importance because all elements are used by many. It means desktops, reception areas, and conference tables require frequent once overs to keep them as clean as can be. With many people today, having allergy and asthma symptoms, the need to eradicate dust has become a higher priority for office janitors. The use of HEPA higher-filtration vacuuming equipment can make a significant improvement — also dust attracting flat mops and wiping cloths.

How Do You Effectively Clean Any Office Floorplan?

  • Use team-cleaning methods to improve efficiency
  • Make above-the-floor cleaning a priority for shared areas
  • Follow checklists that include floor care/mopping, dusting, wiping, sanitizing, and vacuuming
  • Identify high-traffic areas for extra daily service
  • Adapt methods to suit individual offices, regardless of their layout

We Clean Cubicle Office Layouts with Consistency and Thoroughness

Cleaning office cubicles in New York City requires thoroughness and attention to detail. Many co-corkers heavily use the higher-traffic and dense workspaces, and they accumulate dirt, dust, and fingerprints. Janitorial service daily is the best plan to ensure clean, healthy, and comfortable spaces for everyone. Two maids cleaning a cubicle, one is vacuuming and the other is cleaning a computer monitorIt’s a given that shared areas and equipment are more prone to accumulate dust and fingerprints more quickly. Our SanMar method of wiping them down every time floors are cleaned, and trash cans emptied ensures a floor-to-ceiling clean that is noticeable to all. It takes an expert crew always on the lookout for common elements in need of dusting and disinfecting. For us, being extra thorough and assuring your satisfaction are our most essential goals.

Keeping in close touch with clients, agreeing on thorough checklists, and having our supervisors present on-site are among the ways we make an improvement compared to competitors. It allows us to clean cubicle offices with consistently superior results. Not many NYC office cleaning contractors can equal SanMar’s top-rated service. Looking at each client and office uniquely means we take a genuine interest and more clearly understand what needs to be done.  It’s an approach rooted in a complete desire to ensure complete client satisfaction. Our expert janitors understand you need a clean and healthy office to keep everything at peak performance — from employee productivity to client satisfaction. If you’d like to find out more about our cleaning service for your type of office, please contact us using this online form or call us at (212) 334-9884 today.

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