Secure Office Cleaning: We’re Bonded and Insured

NYC’s Bonded and Insured Office Cleaning Leader


At SanMar, our bonded and insured office cleaning services are among New York City’s best. We clean many Manhattan offices and a growing number of them in Long Island City and waterfront Brooklyn with confidential operations. When you let commercial cleaning crews into your premises each night, they have unsupervised access to your facilities and must be trustworthy, and background checked.
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NYC’s Best Office Cleaning | Any Size or Type of Office

Top-Rated Commercial Cleaning in New York City

At SanMar, we’re known for the best office cleaning NYC has to offer, but it’s only one of the many New York City commercial cleaning services we provide. Our experienced and trained technicians are equipped for any job, large or small. We clean offices and commercial spaces of all types and sizes with daily and weekly service. Read more

Health Care Medical Office Disinfection in the Coronavirus Era

COVID-19 Disinfection Service in Medical Environments

The arrival of the coronavirus pandemic has impacted all areas of medical office disinfection during both daily use and nightly cleaning. The use of broad-spectrum EPA-registered products with virus-killing abilities is necessitated for the safety of staff and patients. At SanMar, we’ve expanded protocols and added extra steps so that we can continue to provide the best medical cleaning NYC has to offer. Read more

Commercial Carpet Cleaning for Offices

We Clean Office Carpeting in NYC

Want to make your office look better instantly?  Clean your carpets. It’s as easy as calling us at SanMar because we provide expert carpet cleaning in offices all around New York City. Our clients say it’s a welcome improvement at any time of the year and they rave about our service with five-star reviews.

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How Much Does Office Cleaning Cost in NYC?

In this article, we will discuss office cleaning costs in New York City to some extent. But more importantly, we will focus on the kinds of services and benefits your company will enjoy from outsourcing janitorial service, including sanitizing.

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We’re Disinfecting for COVID-19 as NYC Businesses Reopen

COVID-19 Commercial Cleaning Service in NYC

We’re Ready to Clean as Offices, Retailers, Outdoor Cafes, and Others are Permitted to Reopen.

As New York City businesses begin to reopen, and more prepare to do so in Phase III, we provide unmatched COVID-19 disinfecting and commercial cleaning service. Read more

Our Cleaning Kills 99% of Germs, Always

Commercial Cleaning that Includes Disinfecting

The COVID-19 pandemic and its disproportionate impact in New York City rightly has focused enormous attention on the need to sanitize commercial spaces daily. At SanMar Building Services, we’ve risen to the occasion with a range of new disinfecting services and capabilities. But we also want our clients and future clients to know that we’ve always killed 99-percent of germs as part of our daily service. Read more

Frequently Asked Questions | Coronavirus Cleaning in NYC


Q. 1. How long can coronavirus survive on a surface? If I wait long enough, can I skip cleaning and disinfecting?

A. 1. Initial CDC reports indicated the coronavirus had been detected in the air for as long as three hours after it is aerosolized. It has lived for up to 17 days on some surfaces. Because COVID-19 is new, and not all research is complete, not every surface has been tested, and studies continue about how much virus material it takes to cause an infection. Currently, there is not a definitive statement about how long to quarantine for it to be reduced to an acceptable risk level. Therefore, SanMar and many others recommend thorough cleaning and disinfection of any contaminated surfaces and areas. Read more

NYC Cleaning for COVID-19 Coronavirus by SanMar

Coronavirus Disinfecting | NYC Commercial Cleaning

Like everyone, our team of commercial cleaning experts at SanMar continues to monitor the COVID-19 virus epidemic and information from federal, state, and local officials. Read more

Eco-Cleaning: NYC’s Best Office Cleaning

Be Clean and Respect the Environment

There are a lot of commercial cleaning companies in New York City, but not all focus on eco-cleaning or help their clients have cleaner offices with less impact on the earth. Today, there are excellent environmentally responsible cleaning options that provide a deep clean while reducing any impact on the environment and human health. Read more