NYC's Commercial & Office
Cleaning Specialists

Great Rates and Service Since 1998
Licensed, Bonded, Insured

Better Business Bureau Logo., SanMar is accredited with the BBB and has an A+ rating.

NYC’s Commercial & Office
Cleaning Specialists

Great Rates and Service Since 1998.
We’re Licensed, Bonded & Insured

Better Business Bureau Logo., SanMar is accredited with the BBB and has an A+ rating.

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Office Cleaning and Commercial Cleaning in NYC

You’re in the best place to find New York City office cleaning and commercial cleaning services because SanMar Building Services is the leader. Our professional and experienced cleaning technicians do it all, at different budget levels. No matter your needs, we’ve got the right people, equipment, and expertise to clean your office or commercial space to the highest possible standards.

SanMar professional janitors cleaning an office in NYC, office cleaning NYC.

Office Cleaning

SanMar is a premier office cleaning contractor in Manhattan and throughout the NYC metro area. We clean corporate offices, marquee law firms, financial institutions, media companies, tech firms, architects, and many more. Contact us for the best office cleaning company NYC.

Restaurant Cleaning

Our commercial kitchen and restaurant cleaning consistently exceed NYC Inspection requirements, some of the world’s most demanding. Our trained cleaners know how to degrease and sanitize kitchen equipment and surfaces.

Medical Cleaning

We provide the most effective aseptic medical cleaning as one of our specialties. For cleaner and expertly disinfected medical offices, surgery centers, hospitals, and long-term care facilities, count on us for the best daily service.

Retail Cleaning

The best retail cleaning is about your brand image. We provide thorough and careful service to retail stores of all types and sizes. Our team works around your hours takes care of special requests, and does a meticulous job.

How SanMar is Better for Commercial Cleaning Services.

Medical offices, restaurants, and retail stores are open to the public daily and must be cleaned to the highest standards. Working with cleaning technicians like our team at SanMar Building Services ensures you’ll find the right people to do the job. Our clients stay with us because we deliver outstanding service daily, regardless of the cleaning and disinfecting services you need.

When you become our client, you can rest assured that we’ll arrive with the right cleaning products, mops, and vacuums. Our checklists are customized for each business we clean to ensure it meets every need, and you’ll see the difference we make immediately. We are among the highest-quality commercial cleaning services in New York City, and our clients have high expectations for our service.

We Keep Medical Offices, Retail Stores, and Restaurants Spotless

You can depend on our technicians because we are licensed, bonded, and insured and have experience cleaning every type of commercial space. We’re also known for providing part-time janitorial service and are ahead of the curve with efficient working methods. Our scheduling is flexible – we’ll be there when you need us – and when you become a client, we’re at your service 24/7.

medical office cleaning nyc. Sanitizing counters with environmentally friendly cleaning products.

Why Hire a Professional Office Cleaning Service?

Keeping offices spotlessly clean means taking on all of the responsibilities for their upkeep on a daily basis. It’s a lot to handle, even when you have an in-house janitorial staff to help. The need to stay ahead, mopping, dusting, and sweeping never ends, and staying ahead of it takes up your time.

When you have SanMar’s expert technicians clean your NYC offices, it changes everything. You’ll have more time to focus on your business and do it from a well-maintained office. It’s a different world with professional office cleaning services NYC supporting your needs and impressing your management.

NYC janitorial company, SanMar, employee cleans computer monitors at an commercial business.

SanMar is a One-of-a-Kind NYC Cleaning Service

Commercial cleaning contractor in NYC. Whole building cleaning for offices and business in New York City.
  • 01

    Guaranteed results, high-performance janitorial teams, state-of-the-art cleaning equipment

  • 02

    Eco-friendly cleaning products to safeguard health and protect the environment

  • 03

    Thorough checklists, Guaranteed results, and consistent service

  • 04

    Sanitizing and disinfecting protocols for restrooms and food service areas

  • 05

    Lower costs and maximize results with efficient cleaning methods

  • 06

    Satisfied clients and the industry's highest customer satisfaction ratings

You’ll See Cleaner Surroundings Every Day

  • Trained cleaning specialists

  • State-of-the-Art Equipment

  • Eco-Friendly Products and Reusable Items

  • Flexible Scheduling

  • Highly Competitive Rates for Outstanding Service

We’re ready to put more than 20 years of experience to work on a cleaning checklist that keeps your office looking its best day in and day out. Our people are experienced in maintaining every type of office, regardless of size and décor. You’ll be surprised by how easy it is to reach us with any special requests or concerns, and our scheduling is flexible to meet your needs – we’ll clean your office in NYC during the off hours, office cleaners nyc.

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What Cleaning Services Matter the Most?

Well-cleaned offices and commercial spaces give clients, customers, or patients a better impression. As a result, better cleaning services like ours cover every detail but emphasize the focal points. For example, clean floors are evident to everyone, and it’s why our hard floor care and commercial carpet cleaning services are second to none. There is no substitute for seeing spotless floors when you walk in the door.

Customers and Co-Workers Will Notice Cleaner Surroundings

Restroom cleaning is something else everyone notices – and talks about if it isn’t done well. Our trained SanMar technicians clean every restroom element from floor to ceiling and everything in between, such as fixtures, dispensers, and countertops. We also ensure the air smells fresh and every surface is sanitized and disinfected.

Our people wipe away dust, fingerprints, and scuffs as they clean, regardless of where they occur. It goes for every area of your business, with unique cleaning protocols for entryways, elevators, reception desks, and conference rooms where people gather.

NYC commercial janitor cleaning floors in office building. SanMar cleaning services.

Need Part-time Janitors or Contract Cleaning Professionals?

While there is no substitute for the cleaning you get with daily service, sometimes you might need short-term contract cleaning or a part-time janitor. Our professional contract cleaners are highly trained and equipped with the latest cleaning products and equipment.

When you call, we answer the phone, and you will speak with our owners and management. We are proud to maintain a personal connection with every one of our clients — and we are always available to make site visits and provide quotes and estimates for NYC office cleaning services.

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